Norbert George #moonbat

We all, in the united States, have gone mad, and become the hypocrites for the whole world to see
How many wars has the US, and its western allies (the rest of the NATO-members), waged, since WWII? How many nations, their villages, cities, and peoples, where bombed to hell, to "shock and awe", a brutally awesome and very disturbing fact
And yet, the ultimate condemnation is, that not one of these wars, was legal or justified, and where all mass atrocities, committed by criminals of rogue nations, like the United States (or it's NATO allies)
From the US-led Korean war (1950-1953), through the Vietnam war, wars in Latin America, and Africa, to bombing the hell out of Yugoslavia, the Gulf Wars in the Middle East, also in Afghanistan, Libya, and the ongoing wars to this day, in Syria, Iraq and Yemen
More then seven decades, of non-stop wars of brutal aggression, including covert and proxy wars
The death-toll, from all of these US-led wars, is estimated to be 25-30 million
The United States launched all of these military operations, without any authorization from the United Nations, as all it had as support, was a so-called "Coalition of the Willing", a small group of other Western nations (especcially NATO-members), in fact, co-criminals, primarily Great Britain, that where always willing to violate international law, to ultimately give Uncle Sam some dubious moral, and political cover, with a veneer of "democratic and free" consensus
Every war that the US engaged in, with its allies (NATO, and others), has been or still is illegal, as none of them have yet met, the criteria for Just Cause
Under Article 51 of the UN Charter - to which all nations are signatories and therefore bound by - the only criteria for a just war, are:
- authorization by the Security Council
- a claim to self-defense from an attack by another nation, or group of nation's



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