Faith #fundie

It was driving me crazy in the 60s already, long before I had a name for it, and it wasn't about nigger, wop and kiKe. It was an aggressive hate war on the white race as the cancer of the world, on conservatives, who we all know are nothing but a bunch of Hitlers and jingoistic idiots; on America, which is really only an evil imperialist monster. Those who agree with such sentiments of course object to conservatives daring to characterize them as Thought Control or anything pejorative. It was militant in-your-face black activism, in some cases out and out thuggery (it was a murder that woke up David Horowitz). It was militant feminism, one group cheerily named The Society for Cutting Up Men, characterized by sneering contempt for any demented woman who liked the idea of marriage and family as a career, or horror of horrors identified herself as a "housewife." It was militant gay rights. I remember attending a "talk" with my ex in which the speaker got up and berated the assembled group for any thought that homosexuality might be an aberration, and accused all assembled of REALLY being homosexual but denying it. It was an abusive speech.



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