steelers153 #racist

Cliches are Cliches for a reason. Black men r irresponsible with credit. 10 trillion in new debt Obama check. Black men create poor kids. More kids in poverty. Obama check.
Gave a black man the national credit card and he added $10 trillion in six years - and still $500 billion deficits. How typical black runs up more debt that all 43 white presidents combined. Lolol
Lol. Your document say 2.4. He has averaged 2.1%.. worst since hoover. So black man is as good as the worst white guy. Bahahahaha
Same thing as they did in the 30s. Show trials. I would have told there boards if they dont pressure senior execs to plea to criminal activity then their banks would be considered outside the fed reserves system and i would have announced they were ill-liquid. I would have banned anyone from involved from the securities industry, gov reg work and any otehr industry that had any risk to the economy. I would have banned ivy leagues from being employed on Wall Street until the school proved they had instilled ethics in their graduating classes. I would have made each banker use their personal assets to pay the first bit of fines by bringing charges against their property like they do with drugs. Finally I would have militarily prosecuted as treason any banker who foreclosed on any military personnel deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan and if/when found guilty shot them (yes thats unconstitutional but I doubt any Congress could get public support for impeachment. Oh and by executive order I would have brought back the draft for any high level bankers children/grandchildren - again try to stop me



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