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[SuicideFuel] man It’s hitting me so hard I will NEVER have a happy life

I’m 33 years old, and still a virgin.

nothing will ever happen. Its just.... over

I should have killed my self already.

anything that isn’t teen love with a childhood sweetheart, is a DANGEROUS transactional ((((relationship))) with a jaded, bitter, entitled, narcissistic, cum rag of an animal, which I am disgusted to call the other half of my species.

I will never experience beauty. I will never have those incredible, positive, uplifting, joyous feelings of knowing I’m attractive, desirable and wanted. That realisation I can have anyone I want, as I wake up in the morning with a grin knowing just how many women will be pissing their yeast infected panties over my face

I will never experience pair bonding

love with a loyal,kind partner

a family with children I call my own and can be proud of

I will miss out on, and have already missed out on, countless beautiful, meaningful life experiences that make it all worth it, that make you feel ALIVE, that made you cry tears of joy at how beautiful, fun, and blissful life is.

I will never know anything good or meaningful in my life, And I’m exhausted from it. I want to end my life.



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