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(Part 3/5 of "How Women Manipulate Men and the Female Ego". Emphasis original)

Why does it work and what does it explain?

What a woman says and does and what it means are again two different things

If a man can not be manipulated, this means the woman can neither push him away nor reel him in, she will likely not be interested in the relationship anymore or to begin with.
This process really works because of two things:
1. The man’s ignorance about the matter. And women’s ability to hide the process.
2. His attachment and thus allowance of mistreatment because of his desire (i.e. lust).
Women are much more intuitive than men. They know perfectly well what is happening, which allows them to control this process. It is fascinating and explains many things:

1. Why women have no friends, and why it is said that women hate each other.
2. Why no woman likes his man.
3. Why a woman has to be conquered and courted.
4. Why a man usually feels compromised, uncomfortable and bossed in the presence of women.
5. Why women like badboys.
6. Why a man can and has to steal a woman from her boyfriend or husband.
7. Why there are problems in relationships and why relationships aren’t fun.
8. Why a man has to initiate contact and is burdened with responsibility of the overall situation.
9. Why a man cannot talk with women about certain things and why he will not get an answer to certain questions.
10. Why a man can read endless self-help books about relationships and go to couple therapy and will still experience struggle.
11. Why a woman rejects a man and simultaneously and secretly hopes that he keeps pursuing her if he is attractive.



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