anangrygoyqq & justendmesoon #sexist

Re: Belle Delphine's $30 bath water sold out after a day. If you ever feel angry over how much money ethots make, remember that it's pathetic cucks like these that enable them.



adjusts monocles

women are filth and scum and nothing more. This is not out of bitterness, but pure impartial reflection.

What is a woman? A woman is a failed man. They are weak, barely sentient, and their more unsightly anatomical differences are wholly loathesome. What kind of creator would affix comical meatbags to the torso of their creation? It’s downright laughable. Anyone who derives any sense of sensuality from such an outrageous sight should be culled immediately. And that is not even the most repugnant part of their being. Betwixt their legs lies a Lovecraftian horror. God knows what lies in the deepest chasms of that fleshy monstrosity which give off such a hellish odor. Maybe that’s where the Great Old Ones dwell in their slumber. The only redeemable part of the woman is their arse, yet upon admiring it seeing even a slight glimpse of the cunt is enough to put me into a fiendish fit. Many a whore have experienced that rage, yet few remain to tell the tale.


That's fucking disgusting, I bet some of those guys actually drunk that shit as soon as it arrived. You know, considering women can make profit selling their bath water, any woman that isn't making bank on their existence alone should be considered mentally disabled. Imagine being poor and a woman at the same time, the only excuse is being borderline retarded. And just imagine growing up to become a guy that would spend his money on this shit, I swear some people are born with a subservient gene.



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