theantifeminist #sexist

@Dissident – You creatures truly are disgusting. At least the Jews understood that the Nazis were bad – they didn’t go to the gas chambers proudly claiming to be NAZIs, the very monsters who were leading them to their deaths. You barely deserve the description of human beings. And I’m pretty sure you’ll be a victim of feminism before I am. At least there’s hope for us heterosexuals. You perverted pederasts will never be accepted by society. Keep waiting for femihags to ride to your rescue. I’ve never said this before about anyone or anything, but I really do hope you get raped hard in prison. Else beaten first into a coma by a 12 year old girl who catches you ogling her five year old kid brother. Until that day comes, I’ll just have to content myself with thinking about the excruciatingly painful jealousy you must feel knowing that I can legally make love to sweet ripe 16 year old girls, who your darling left argue are even mature enough to vote (ie. not minors) whilst your little dick can only rise for the arseholes of pre-pubescent little boys, forever out of reach, as they should be.




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