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(Fancy Alcoholic)
Ultimate proof of female privilege from the United Cucks of Americons

Car Thief Drinks Whole Bottle of Wine During Police Standoff

Funny things are :

- half of the police force of the county is reunited here only to wait that m'lady finishes bottle of wine
- yeah, you read it, cops are actually waiting that "she" finisehs "her" fucking bottle of wine to arrest her.
- it's not even a "she" to begin with, but as the dude is dressed like a foid, ppl feel the urge to treat him like a princess JFL

Unfunny thing though : if it was a dude looking dude, he would have been shot the minute he got out of the car.


and also, it's ultimate proof that black being oppressed in the US today is fake news. If you want to find oppressed black ppl in the modern world, just type "modern slavery in Middle East" on Google.


That's a nigga in a wig.

Transnigger now just put a Yamakah on him for max opreyshun points.

I would I could blow his nigger head off along with all the useless wigger cops who allow car thiefs to act this way



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