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Question: Do you believe that animals could be gay?

Daniel Quatro: Sure, why not?

People like to point out how homosexuality occurs in nature, so therefore, it's natural for people to be homosexual as well.

But there are things that occur in nature that we shouldn't emulate as humans. For example, some animals eat their young.[1]

Does anyone justify infanticide or cannibalism using that logic?

Now, I've probably offended some of you with that statement, so let me clarify. I'm not comparing homosexuality with infanticide or cannibalism or saying they are even remotely the same thing.

I'm merely pointing out that trying to justify a behavior, because it occurs in nature, can get you into trouble.

Nature is a wonderful thing, but it can also be pretty messed up. Humans are the same way. We have tendencies, desires, and feelings that aren't always good.

Just because it feels or seems "natural" doesn't mean it's right.



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