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RE: [Serious] I suppose i can relate to how foids feel when a sub-6 guy approaches

Must be similar to the way you feel when a gay guy approaches you (assuming youre straight), hoping to get sex. Just the way you detest the idea of getting sexual with another guy, foids loathe the idea of touching a sub 6 man.

Yes, your comment touches on a core difference between male and female sexuality - a difference which greatly influences our attitudes about sex. The difference is, male sexuality is "active" (for lack of a better word). Male sexuality does something to you - to your body. Male sexuality is about penetration, while female sexuality is about receptivity. So, a man (gay or not) having sexual interest in you is vaguely threatening. He wants to put something in you. A woman having sexual interest isn't threatening, even if she's a disgusting hambeast, because all her interest means is that she's receptive to you.

And this is a really common troupe in feminist discourse. They talk about this, like, all the time. They really do have penis envy.

But this difference in male and female sexuality isn't actually the problem that we as a group face in society. Oh no. Because this difference has always existed, and our ancestors managed to craft polite, prosperous civilizations where men and women got along (it's a lie that women have ever been oppressed). No, the problem isn't the difference between male and female sexuality. The problem is that due to birth control and government support for single moms, women's natural hypergamy is no longer restrained. The problem is that the modern foid has calibrated her expectations way too high. As a result, a sub-6 man making a polite pass at her is seen as a huge insult, even if she is also objectively sub-6.



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