Keith Eric Iholts II #fundie

[On a negative review of the film "God's Not Dead"]

Another angry Atheist spitting and crying with a snot nosed reply because him and his ignorant friends have been exposed for being the ass holes everyone is sick of. This review is undeserving of even one star. It focuses on his own faithlessness and anger because he’s jealous of the real God and wants to cry about Christians actually fighting the RELIGION of atheism. Constantly forcing their faith of a godless universe with a failed hypothesis of the religion of evolution he picks on a movie that exposes such stupidity. I am sorry I wasted my time listening to this idiot spit out his ignorance out of personal distaste rather than give a fair review. Just another idiot trying to pretend to have a brain. I can just hear the scarecrow now “If only I had a brain”. Do us all a favor and give up on reviews as your opinion is about as worthy as a pile of dog refuse.


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