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RE: [JFL] Tranny hole mutilates her vagina and tries to become a man. Now notices she's become a truecel freak of nature and wants to kill herself jfl.


hahahahah tell her to get a better personality
this is exactly why supporting the lgbt non sense is NOT morally correct because by supporting this behaviour youre encouraging SUICIDE jfl
people were encouraging this woman to mutilate her vagina and thought its the moral thing to do
i mean dont get me wrong im happy this tranny will rope but just want to prove that supporting lgbt is not normal and its degenerate.


Yet another case of the awful tranny mentality of just "mutilate urself".
Guess what, your sex is decided when you're incubating in a foid, and no matter how much surgery or pills you take. You'll either a gaping hole, graphed flesh, and nobody ever "passes".


That's what liberal propaganda combined with the bluepill can do to you, holy fuck. I almost mustered a tiny bit of pity specifically for her, but timely woke up to who she is. Disgusting, hypocritical foid npc who happened to have so puny shit of a brain to even believe the lies she'd set up for us poor incels herself. Burn in hell, damnable bitch. You have well earned every bit of your plight.

She even calls a height of 5'4 "unnaturally impossibly ridiculously short". Well, have fun with it, stupid bitch. Enjoy your average manlet life and remind yourself that the height of the whole asian population fluctuates somewhere around that mark.

"I feel like a stupid asshole trying to call myself a man. I hate myself more and more every day. I’ll never know what sex is like, and therefor what love is like, never know what a real life is like."

Oh, you don't say? Could she imagine that somewhere, maybe even in her city or on her street, might've lived a man who thought of himself just like that? That he too would never know what love is like just because of few inches or millimeters of bone? She's just irredeemable, glad she now knows what it is like to be an incel.



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