Robert Cornell #conspiracy

There are a lot of similarities between Biden and FDR. Of course, there’s the political similarity. Both of them are progressive socialist. They both want to raise taxes and take the guns. FDR tried to pack the courts, and Biden has openly talked about court packing. It’s not hard to see why Biden would compare himself to FDR.

However, I have another answer. Now, this is a radical idea. I mean, this MAYBE has a 1% chance of actually being true. But I think I’m onto something, so PLEASE, consider it critically.

Biden is very old. He obviously has symptoms of dementia, including his extreme difficulty with speech. He often forgets obvious things, thinking he’s running for Senate instead of president. He also thought he was running against Reagan. Are those characteristics of a 77-year-old? Maybe, but Biden’s dementia is SEVERE. No, those are the characteristics of somebody MUCH older. 138 years old, to be exact. Somebody who was alive early enough to start a world war- and successfully shift the blame to Hitler.

In case it’s not obvious what I’m saying, I’ll spell it out for you. BIDEN IS FDR! Well, I’m not sure. Even I have to admit that this is pretty unlikely. But still, these are UNCANNY similarities. There’s even a physical resemblance. All FDR needs is a nose job and slightly different hair, and I can totally see him as Biden!

If we could prove that Biden is in fact FDR, then he would be ineligible to be president. Don’t get me wrong, there was fraud! But if there wasn’t, “Biden” STILL couldn’t be president because it would be his FIFTH TERM! The 22cd amendment says that “Biden” CANNOT be president. That means automatic victory for Trump.

I know that this PROBABLY isn’t true. But in the 1% chance that it is- I DON’T WANT TO LIVE UNDER THE FDR REGIME 2.0!



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