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[Screenshots of this letter were posted on Pink News.]

A Scam Bigger Than VYAPAM?
How Gay Students Are Cheating In Exams

I am giving this information at risk to my life. Please read.

Due to social stigma, gays (LGB) hide their sexual orientation from the society. However, using internet and smartphones (equiped with gps, 3g and apps), gays are able to connect with each other. Hence, there exists a large network of gays which is invisible to the straight population. Such network exists throughout the country. Gays use the network to help each other. Messaging apps help them to coordinate in real time. The gay network is very powerful because of its invisibility, large size and strong bonding among members. Add to that, the fact that around 5-10% of MPs, MLAs, local politicians, senior beaurocrats, police officers, billionaires and top corporate executives must be gays. They are very likely to use their power to promote their community, sometimes legally and other times not so much. In fact, it seems a lot of gay students are misusing the network to cheat in exams and get admissions in good colleges. This could bea scam far bigger than VYAPAM, and could be going on for last 5-10 years, or even more. This scam might be happening all over the country, not just Mumbai.


Admission to colleges, especially top colleges, requires passing an entrance examination. Preparation for conducting such examination requires a lot of human involvement. A number of professors have to prepare the question papers. Very likely the college's computers are used for preparing the same. These computers are controlled by the system department of the college, which itself employs a number of people. A group of people is responsible for printing and sealing the question papers. In this entire chain, it is very likely that a few persons are gays. Also, the gay network can ensure that some of them, if not most, are gays. once one of them gets hold of the paper, the same is circulated to the gay students using the network. Once gay students get admissions, they can be assisted again by gay members of the institute in the semester exams using the same modus operandi. It seems this is happening in IGIDR, Goregaon (E), Mumbai, which is one of the best colleges in economics. It seems a number of professors are gay, and admissions are given to (mostly) gay students. Is this happening in other top colleges? Clearly, high school board exams, SET etc are much easier targets for the network. It is easy to see that online examinations are also very vulnerable. The gay network executes such crimes so that the gay students get admissions into good colleges, they get good jobs, and they can occupy powerful and decision making positions, which will strengthen the gay community and help them in their fight for equality.

It is easy to see that the powerful gay network can be misused in many other ways. Please share this with your friends and family. If possible, please xerox this page and distribute to create awareness and to stop this scam.



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