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BiJane, let me ask you something. How big do you think the universe is? We are just now developing nuclear weapons, but they have existed for a much longer time than that. If you accept the current scientific model of the universe then you have to believe that there is life out there somewhere, not just on Earth.

If you accept this, is it so ridiculous that a civilization on another planet has developed technology equal to or greater than our own? With nukes, space ships, and everything else we have today? Surely you dont believe that our civilization is the paragon of technological excellence, do you? If so, that is quite arrogant on your part.

When you say "meteors have always existed" - well, yeah sure, thats true... but life has always existed too. At least, existed much longer than simply what we observe on Earth. To dismiss the idea that advanced ETs possibly colonizied our planet in the past, or interferred with our history in some way, is preposterous.

Also, adding to your comment about the ancient texts depicting nuclear blasts: what else causes an explosion with the power described in the text I provided? It seems pretty specific to me, and nothing in our ancient past could possibly produce a mushroom cloud of the magnitude described in the Mahabharata.

As for the other points brought up earlier in the thread: I will respond to them in time. I am quite the busy man, and I appreciate all the responses.



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