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[Blackpill] incels have a more "interesting" personality than any other group of people.

I never got this, with incels, you always get gas-lit by foids, normies and chads that its our "personalities' that do not get us laid yet the threads here especially that quote thread from numerous great minds through history is 90% more interesting than talking about some retarded normie tier drama behind other normies backs and then spreading those rumors round the friend group or sitting at home smoking weed all day and playing smash bros or some other gay shit with your friends for the 90th time. Women and chads have even less of an interesting "personality", since all they do is think about sex or in women's cases leveraging sex for material possessions or for ego purposes.

I feel like if anything most of these degenerate fucks are afraid of incels and their line of thinking, not because of what we claim but because of how multi-dimensional you as a person have to be to adapt in a looks based world. You as a person are going to have to do a lot more to stand out as your looks will always be holding you back, whether it be getting a better paying job to in more severe cases not being picked on while being in public. As meritocracy and the idea of pulling yourself by your bootstraps gets obfuscated by the ruling class, this issue in particular will be the next frontier I feel like incels will have to fight knowing full well the futilely of it all in the face of AA becoming a bigger and bigger deal.

With all that said, I genuinely want to know, how retarded normie tier thinking has to be to even begin to say that its an incel's personality that is the problem when if anything the hobbies, past-times,career and friends an incel decides to associate themselves especially from my experience is much more interesting than normie tier groups of friends. Not to mention its much more liberating not having to deal with the overly offended crowd in general.



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