Some incels #sexist

Re: 36.4% of US male online daters are now resorting to anabolic steroids & bulimia to compete.


Another wiki editor brought this study to my attention and although it's been a few days since I read it, it honestly still won't sink in. It seems completely insane that this is the world we live in. I just can't get over it.

For men using online dating vs. not using online dating, the following prevalence of behaviors was identified:

Anabolic steroids - 36.4% online dating, vs. 3.8% non-online dating
Diet pills - 40.2% online dating, vs. 5.0% non-online dating
Laxative use - 41.1% online dating, vs. 7.6% non-online dating
Vomiting for weight control - 36.4% online dating, vs. 5.3% non-online dating
Fasting for weight loss - 54.1% online dating, vs. 27.0% non-online dating
Muscle building supplement - 49.8% online dating, vs. 18.1% non-online dating
All behaviors listed were dramatically more common in men than women, despite common portrayal of eating disorders as "female issues". Specifically, for example, vomiting for weight control (bulimia) was found in 22.4% of female online daters, and 36.4% of male online daters. Thus male online daters are 1.6x as likely as female to have bulimia.

This is what men have been reduced to in 2019. It's a fucking sad day for our gender.

There's nothing left to say. We're living in a fucking clown universe.

Male problems are swept under the rug, or even worse, portrayed as female problems. FUCK BEING BORN MALE


Lets be real all men would be fat or skinny faggots if personality was actually a thing, cause then people would focus purely on themselves and making themselves happier.


Jesus Christ I didn't know it was that bad. Looks like people really don't care about men lol so much for the patriarchy


It will get worse with each year, the only natural solution is early marriages and endorse of marriages. The other solution will be introduction of mandatory drugs beyond 30+ years, they legalized weed, next they legalized some other drug which should solve this problem.


No one will care about men going to extremes to looksmax until you frame it as a problem women have to face.


Mankind is in such a fucking state I sometimes soothe my pain by telling myself that I'm GRATEFUL for not being like these people. I don't WANT to be like these people. It's shockingly pathetic. My brain tells me that's just me coping, then I see shit like this and it goes from coping to absolute conviction.


The Sexual and Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.



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