Gayle Trotter #fundie

[US Department of Education rules Title IX protects trans students]

Yes, we talked frequently about culture wars, and why can't people accept the fact that our society has changed and our culture has changed? And part of it is because these edicts come down that are not part of the political process, that have not been debated, and people feel like they are left out of the debate.

So for 42 years, the law has meant one thing. It meant that sex distinctions are important, and we can recognize that in these two particular areas that this guidance was released on -sexual violence, sexual assault and female participation in athletics. So in those two areas, for 42 years, gender identification was not part of that. So it's completely contradictory to the entire language of the law, and it also does not allow the American people who have differing views on this to have input in this process.



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