Congressman Paul Gosar & Various commenters #wingnut

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
Inflation is at a 40 year high, prices of food, gas, & practically everything else are skyrocketing, but we're still going to send hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to OTHER countries?
Give me a break.

We need to stop this recklessness.

We need a Foreign Aid Moratorium.


Bet you won't call to "DEFUND ISRAEL" nearly as quickly or loudly as you call to defund the FBI, IRS, etc...

@DrPaulGosar You know this will never happen under the present political formula

Sounds great. Who’s going to vote to make it happen? Our congress is full of corrupt democrats and rinos getting rich off the backs of struggling tax paying Americans via kickbacks from these foreign aid policies. How about our representatives who still have some remaining integrity expose the corruption so that the American voters can remove these criminals one by one. And aren’t many of you lawyers? Where are the lawsuits???

@RAFisherFrog @DrPaulGosar

Meet the New (((Khazarian))) bosses, same as the Old (((Khazarian))) bosses.

Let's start by not sending money to jewland.



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