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It’s time to embrace and create the New Earth as you liberate and welcome your transformed self! You have already been on a tremendous journey to date and you have been waiting for this present moment in ascension, become fully enrolled in your mission now. A Multidimensional Ascension Shift is taking place within your being and for the Earth, its time to work in a multidimensional way to be of service to yourself and all.

Saint Germain, the Celestial White Beings and the Cosmic Council of 12 wish to share their energy, wisdom and guidance to support you in fully understanding the transformation taking place for the Earth and your own being. As old and present-day fear is being erased from the Earth a new space is opening up to humanity and within your ascension process. It is your purpose to begin to create as a united energy a New Earth and a New You, aligned with the Divine Will of the Creator. The Cosmic Council of 12 deliver the Divine Plan and Blueprint of the Creator to all, they wish to personally and verbally gift you with the current Divine Plan and Blueprint for the Earth and all beings. Your purpose is to receive and ground everything that is needed for the Earth and all beings to transform and reactive their relationship with the Creator.

Your Soul and Soul Group have light, love and wisdom they wish to transfer to you and the Earth now. You will be guided to connect with your soul and soul group, Natalie will also channel the soul groups of those gathered as a collective.

It is time to let the divine exist on the Earth, to reap the benefits of the 2020 Light Blaze and to study further the Light Pillars and Master Light Pillars which have now anchored into the Earth. There is so much to put into action, experience and embody!

This webinar series is the next stage and step from the Webinar Series, ‘Your Ascension and World Service Amidst Chaos and Fear.’ You don’t need to have listen to or attended the previous webinar series to join this one, although it may assist you to do so.

You are an integral part of the puzzle unfolding and the Divine Plan of the Creator. You are important to this journey we are all moving through now.

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