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[Topic: Should divorce be banned?]

You made the choice to be married, Now stick with it. Marriage is supposed to be a sacred bond and tradition to commit yourself to another person for life for better or worse. Whether you are treated good or bad by your significant other. Once again, For better or worse. You need to truly think about the future and what the other person might be like 20 years in the future. Things more than likely won't go your way. But the second you say your vows and accept a life together through better or worse. There should be no backing out of it NO MATTER WHAT. You can separate, Live in different houses and or states and countries. But for the rest of your lives until the day you both die. You both should remained married to one another. If there's a problem in the marriage. There should only be 2 choices. Fix it or leave. But even if you leave. Your still married to the other. You took the commitment, You need to stick with it. It's supposed to be a lifelong commitment. Something that needs to be seriously thought about and not jumped into because the heat of the moment. Divorce should be abolished or outlawed 100% completely.



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