TheyStink #racist

Living in San Diego, we have one of the best things ever, Roberto's Taco Shop. Folks, you have not experienced a taco until you had one of these amazing greasy cheese and beef filled gifts from heaven. No sit down restaurant can compare. It is the Mexican equivalent of your first Inn-N-Out burger experience. Roberto's Tacos is to Taco Bell is what Inn-N-Out is to McDonald's...I'll leave it at that.

One of the other benefits of a Roberto's Taco shop I have noticed is that niggers don't come in too often. Well unfortunately one came in yesterday. I am sitting down waiting for my food, and the knuckledragger came in. It ordered a taco, got it's receipt and stepped over to the drink fountain. It pulled out a solo cup from it's hoodie pocket and filled it up with a soda it did not pay for while it's taco was being cooked. I had to say something, and since I'm a regular I know the counter guy, Carlos, pretty well. I told him what the nigger did.

Well when it's taco was ready, Carlos called the number. When the nigger went up to get it's taco, Carlos said that will be $2.19. The nigger started ooking it already paid for the taco. Carlos told it, yes you did - but you are not getting it until you pay us $2.19 for the drink. It tried to tell Carlos it got water, which is when I chimed in "No you didn't. I watched you pour a Coke". I could tell it wanted to chimpout so I just stared it down. Carlos once again said "that will be $2.19, Sir". I would not have called it Sir, but Carlos is a gentleman I guess. Well the nigger said "I'z gots no mo money". Carlos said you should have thought about that before you stole the soda and told it to leave. It oooked and eeked about it paying for the taco again and Carlos just said, "I'll call the police and see what they say about this". It left right away without it's I'm sure it had warrants.

Carlos and I laughed and he gave me the taco the nigger paid for. I think that is the first time in my life I got something from a nigger. I took it and enjoyed it since it's paws never touched it....while I was eating it, I just thought who brings their own cup to fast food places to steal a $2 soda --- only niggers. Hopefully it will never come back.



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