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( prumblepuss )
reasons to become a woman (that I've noticed)

Usually more than one of these are happening at once, but I was thinking about the types of TiMs I've seen:

The autogynephile (obv) - sexually attracted to themselves as women. Comes in many flavors.

The shame filled gay man who thinks that wanting to have sex with men is womanhood.

Men who are bothered by his sex drive and would prefer something much lower or none at all.

Cross dressers who are told that their sexual arousal in women's clothing is euphoria and proof of their transness.

Men who want to be admired, fawned over, dressed beautifully. Men who like makeup and nail polish and selfies.

Men who watch lesbian porn and fantasize about being in a lesbian relationship.

Men who watch trans porn and want to fuck/become the porn star.

Men with a sissy/humiliation kink.

Men who feel particularly hurt when excluded from female groups.

( DietCokeAddict )
Also: recently convicted rapists who want to be placed in a women’s prison.

( realityismykink )
You forgot pedophiles who want easier access to children.

( Kevina )
Men who are mediocre athletes who want desperately to be champions/go to the Olympics, or ones who are about to age out of competitive sport.

( Understanderson )
One more: men opting into an "oppressed group" either so they can spout men's rights propaganda from an unassailable position or escape being viewed as part of the oppressor group.

( TheExorcistofLies )
This was my first thought too, the MRAs “sticking it” to feminism by transing out and taking employment and political positions meant for women. They’ve talked about this as a strategy to push women out.



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