Congressman Paul Gosar & Various commenters #wingnut

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
It is crucial that we hold our Department of Justice accountable after the obvious political persecution of opposition to the Biden Regime.

The "national security state" that works against America must be dismantled.

@DrPaulGosar Antiwhites need to be put in prison.

@14W @DrPaulGosar ((They)), are trying to provoke a civil war to weaken America so that China can easily defeat it.

FBI is the new KGB. They started disappearing people with the #Jan6 political prisoners. No one cared. No one does anything. Congress doesn’t represent anyone but themselves.

@Joshua18 The ((FBI)) is the ((stasi)) of America, the ((CIA)) is the ((KGB))

If by “accountable” you mean “hung for treason” I’m all in.

@DrPaulGosar Couldn't agree more. The rank and file members are just as bad by knowingly going with the higher ups to go against their political opponents. What happened to their oath?

@DrPaulGosar I just loooooooooooove how most of the GOP stays silent or makes one teeny, tiny post on Twitter. They think they'll all be saved in their re-elections. Isn't that cute?

@DrPaulGosar Amen. Your establishment Republicans should perhaps listen a little closer to the growing dissatisfaction with their performance. We are no longer tolerant of "our complicity and corruption is in opposition to their corruption" We're no longer going to be the cowering pups grateful to our slightly less abusive elitist statesmen. It's more apparent than any of you realize there is clarity of how we've been misused and we are not the least bit amused. Tyranny coupled with exorbitant taxes has a predictable outcome. We've seen this movie before. And we are not peasants with garden hoes. Some incredibly capable folks out here. Just saying 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲



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