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(Part 5/5 of "How Women Manipulate Men and the Female Ego". Emphasis original.)

How do men cope with this knowledge?

All that is necessary to fully understand women and solve many relationship issues is to understand that women oppose and resist every ego weakness about a man and that they mistake power for love

Should men condemn this behavior? No, instead it is better to have compassion and forgive, especially ourselves in order to heal these aspects within our own psyche. It stems from women’s deep need for security and issues of abandonment. It has to be understood that women had much less power than man in the past and that it is mostly the source of all their power.
How do you protect yourself from this manipulation and respond?
A usual way to deal with these issues would be to point out that you do not tolerate this behaviour and align with this attitude (cal. 300's). However, women will not comply to this request, will use the various tools mentioned above and keep on going.
Women are so good at these tests, that they know that you will suffer from it and that you cannot really protect yourself from it. Because whatever you say your inner state will be known and to be kind in anger is pretense. Of course you can build a ‘thick skin’ and pretend, but ….
The only way to really master these tests is to become loving. If you have transcended the emotional field that is being exploited you will likely not get these kind of attacks and even if you do, you usually just have to laugh. Because you instantly get what is happening and you are not subject to it. This is a good response, because it denotes more humility and compassion.

We will end this article with a few calibrations:
This article calibrates at – no permission
The average level of consciousness of men and women is the same – true
There are no spiritual differences between men and women – true
A woman perfects her intuitive side before the man does – true

Some of the manipulation techniques were completed from the german book “Lob des Sexismus” (Submitter's note: "Praise of Sexism"; a PUA book) from Lodovico Satana, which lays out manipulation techniques in much more detail (only available in german).



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