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In Athens raping a married woman was considered a less serious crime than seducing her. From the husband’s standpoint, it makes sense, since seduction means he can no longer trust her. And from the wife’s standpoint? Well, it wasn’t a legal system that cared much for the well-being of women.

The same mindset can be seen in these Q people. It would enrage them more to hear a Jew say “shiksas are for practice,”(something some actually do say) than “we must rape these abdominal shiksas to get vengeance for the six billion,” as they do in Q’s fantasies.* Regarding some women as worthy of short-term sexual relationships but unworthy of marriage is not the same as rape, but it’s understandable that it pisses people off, most notably the “unworthy” women and the low-status men they will eventually settle for. The solution is a socially conservative society where women hear the following message:

1. Sex and the City is not a depiction of reality. The vast majority of women will not be happy in that lifestyle.

2. If you do not follow the above advice and wind up happy, good for you. If you wind up unhappy, it’s not society’s fault or society’s problem to fix.

But this is difficult, much easier to create an alternate reality in which the women are nothing but victims. It’s the same with Q as it is with the feminist movement.

*I’m sure some of this occurred in the aftermath of the Holocaust and as part of the wider Red Army rape spree, but it’s not deeply rooted in Jewish culture.



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