garc2204 #conspiracy

This is serious, Senator McCain has lost because Mr. Obama promised Universal Health care! It was not the issue of the economy, since the economy is causing Americans top go insane. What I am really concerned about is when Obama begins to go abroad! That is when I feel a Communist-Socialist Party mmember is most likely to do his damage by turning his back on America. The socialist agenda has always been an ulterior plan designed by foreign means. Also, everyone of the professional military background knows that Moscow's espionage has increased inside the USA multi-fold since the end of the Cold-War! Over 50 years of their assisting the Communist Party's agenda here in America has caused the betrayal of trust among fellow Americans. We already know from Moscow's open admission that their espionage has assisted the Latin-American Drug Cartels to undermine and usurpt U.S. authority, now those filthy rich drug cartels are funneling money to the Hezbollah(Lebanon) to pay for the construction of Radio Stations and Television Stations, and to the Palestinians(Gaza Strip) to pay for weapons and technology. Are we to expect Obama to invite more of the same, where the Foreign-Espionage continues to increase its presence here in America only to help his self to secure and enforce his secret agenda?



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