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Why are men hesitating to defend women from the onslaught of trans invading our spaces? Perhaps they want to distance themselves from men who are openly deviant because it makes them cringe at their own secret fetishes. They want to get the weirdos away from them so they won't be tempted.

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I see a lot of men starting to pay attention and get angry. But this issue is still being reported (when it is reported) in the most biased way (women’s rights being painted as “anti-trans” etc), so my *hope* is that this is an awareness issue, at least in part.

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Men's lives go fundamentally unchanged. I see some fathers of girls and gay men/lesbians seeing how erasure of sex in our language is extremely problematic. Men did try to squash the trans, btw, many years ago, but women stopped it. Why? Empathy. We forgot about pervs. Men knew.


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That's IT. You nailed it. Trans activism is an effortless virtue-signal for men. He says "Transwomen are women" and he's praised for his Enlightened Dudehood. The "enemy" is already beaten down and oppressed. Piling on women is a piece of cake behind the shield of po-mo rhetoric.



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