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Last of Us 2 VA Asks For Us to Be Open Minded.


Aaaaaaand yet in a Zombie Apocalypse they have a Christian Cult hell bent on killing any and all infidels when they should be more worried about Zombies...Ugh, I knew Ellie being a Lesbian in the first game would bite them in the ass in the next one. We just want a good game ya morons, not some propaganda about how White Men are all supposedly evil. Sheesh. Bunch of idiots.

Fuck you and fuck Naughty Dog. If this whole goddamn game is Ellie The Lesbian (since apparently that's all she is now! Not Ellie the hunter, Ellie the girl who took care of Joel, no no, she's a lesbian, that's all that matters about her character now.) fighting "evil skinheads", I pray to the powers that be, that this game gets shit on from every direction. If these leaks are true, this game is gonna suck.

Agreed bro, agreed. Should have just left it TLoU 1 and left it open ended. Leave what happens next up to the fans to decide. This was one of those games where they could have done that and it would have been perfectly fine. But of course they had to milk it dry and make a sequel with character developments, story and villains that feel as stale as cardboard.

If this game is as bad as it's sounding, then I too hope it gets absolutely destroyed by people who have brains because from the sounds of it, this sounds like another shitty excuse to try and shove progression down our throats when the only thing progressive about it is that it is progressive in destroying loved franchises.



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