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If there is no God, then morality, or "ethics" are meaningless. Socrates and Aristotle were just men who had an opinion. There had no authority to define morality.Since He is God, He has the authority to tell people what to do, and what not to do. I realize YOU want to make the rules, but you can't.Allah is not the God of the Bible. ISIS is breaking God's moral law, for which they will be judged by God. Aristotle's opinions are binding on no one.Allah is not real. And even if it was real, it is not God Almighty. Not the Creator of the universe. Who has the authority to define good and evil, and the authority and ability to hold people accountable to those definitions? Certainly not Aristotle.I don't think you posses the ability to understand what constitutes proof. If you did, you would not have to ask the question.



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