-BrettyBoy- #sexist incels.co

Females have no right to complain.

Like the topic title says, women have no right to complain. There can be exceptions depending on the situation.

Women can complain about things such as periods but most other stuff, they need to just shut the fuck up and be grateful for their easy mode and there women I know, both, real life and online that have not a thing to complain about.

If you’re female you get less prison time for the same crimes men get longer sentences for, easy access to getting your rocks off while a locally undesired male like myself lustfully suffers, etc.

I have other problems besides the sexual lust problem but I can’t really be arsed to go into detail about them personal problems but the lust issue is just a negative on top of other negatives in my case so I just get kicked when already down really.

Misogynist male? By society logic, ‘ruin his life!’

Misandrist female? By society logic, ‘Well, she just has bad experiences with men’.



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