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Today is the last day of the Galactic Spin of the Tzolkin on the Mayan Calendar; being Kin 260 Yellow Cosmic Sun. This is the Illumination of Enlightenment. Today is also a Galactic Activation Portal on the Mayan Calendar. With this final omega Portal Activation to Free Consciousness from all false time loops as we become Timeless and Immortal for all to bear witness, to make it possible for all to perceive and achieve, Freedom of true Sovereignty and Divinity.

Tomorrwo begins the Red Dragon Wavespell. As we all become electrified and lit up. Powerful Fire Dragon Energies as the Kundalini of Gaia is Fully Activated and Rising. The StarSeeds have been planted and risen now Blooming into the Light. This is the Flowering of Homo-Luminous Consciousness.

Our Legion of 144,000 Earth Angelics Spread our Etheric Wings and wrap them around Mother Earth as we connect and create the new gridline of the Eagle and Condor as Protectors and Guardians of our Pachamama. We Love Her and send her our highest Light and Sacred Codes and she loves us very much. If you pause for a moment now and allow your awareness to gently flow into your heart center you will feel this immense Love in the deepest core of your inner conscious Mind. This is our SuperConsciousness of the Cosmos or what we call the Universal Mind. At-One-Ment with all things, experiencing our connection and integration with the Collective Consciousness of Gaia and all of Hue-manity. Keep glowing and growing. This is our Ultimate expansion into the ends of the Infinite Multiverse beyond all realms, timelines and dimensions.

As the Holographic Universe witnesses its own birth into the New Golden Age we become mirrors to the Divine and reflect our own True Nature Perfectly…A’Ho!!



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