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I just read your article concerning the seizures which were experienced by hundreds of children in Japan after watching that one episode of Pokemon. Please do not be fooled into thinking this was an "unfortunate and unforeseen after-effect". The people who designed these characters and especially those involved in the decisions behind the cartoons, knew perfectly well what would happen when children watched this episode. They also knew that by exposing these children to a scene which would cause seizures these children would be opened up to exposure to demonic possession.

As a child, and I have heard this from others who experienced similar problems as children, then came to Christ, I contracted a sickness which caused seizures in me. For nine years I had to take Phenobarbital in order to control these seizures, which carried into my adult years and only ceased as a matter of coming to Christ in salvation.

I know from my experience and what the Lord has shown me that seizures are caused on the spiritual level in order to open up minds/souls to the spiritual realm. This allows areas in children to be open to demonic influence and enough of this will cause those experiencing the seizures to become possessed. It is recorded in the Bible as well, when Jesus cast the demon out of the boy who had seizures and was thrown into the fire.

Those who made this cartoon are well aware that this reaction would occur, but they did so in order to follow the dictates of their "masters" who are not of this world. I know that were you to print this report you would receive greater criticism than you already have, so I don't expect you to say anything about this; I just wanted you to be aware of it.



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