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The Crater Earth Theory

I will not try to explain all of the information of the videos because there are a lot of interwoven dot-connecting subjects in the videos. It's no wonder Godgevlamste had to make more than 30 videos to explain the subject of Crater Earth, and I hope he's still making new ones.

What is the Crater Earth theory?

Short and simple explained:

The planet Earth is much bigger. Actually: it's huge. Gigantic.
We can call it: Greater Earth.
It's not flat. It's a planet. A sphere. A ball.
This planet is surrounded with an atmosphere.
On this huge planet are craters, mountains, rivers and more.
In one of those craters is Earth located. Our Earth. Our habitat.
It's not a big crater compared to the other craters.
We live inside a crater on a giant planet floating in space.

If you stop reading at this point, I can fully understand.

We had the same kind of reaction after the first video of Godgevlamste. But we kept on watching, and watching. Because Godgevlamste delivers proof.
Godgevlamste not only explains about the Crater Earth on the bigger Earth, he also shows the location of our crater on the map of the bigger Earth.

The other things presented in his videos are:

The Moon we see may be in fact a reflection of our crater.
Our crater is reflected on a dome which is around our crater, we see this as the Moon.
The Moon map, as we know it from media, is actually the real map of the greater Earth.
Our crater is the Sulpicius Gallus M crater on the Moon map.
The map of the Earth as we know it, is wrong, corrupted.
Planet Mars, as it is shown to us by the media is in fact another crater on the bigger Earth.
There's quite a lot video footage from NASA available online that shows the bigger Earth and in sometimes our crater Earth. These videos from NASA are sometimes altered and sometimes the real deal, to show people the truth, without people knowing what they are actually watching, which is the bigger Earth, and not planet Earth.



So were we! You can find all of this, and more, on Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

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