BlackCirce , justanothernastywoman & syntaxerror #transphobia

Doctor is suspended for refusing to use transgender patient's preferred pronouns - during argument about danger of sex change drugs | Daily Mail Online

( BlackCirce )
This is why the “evil money hungry doctors vs innocent unsuspecting patients” narrative framing is inaccurate. The patients are demanding this treatment against the will of the physicians and doing the most to punish the doctors who say no.

( justanothernastywoman )
The surgeons who do SRS are definitely money-hungry and evil, especially the ones who perform elective surgeries on children, but you're right, the adults demanding these treatments aren't innocent. They're mentally disturbed and delusional.

It's absolutely sick that someone who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars training in school for 8+ years to be a doctor can be suspended for not affirming delusions. Should psychiatrists affirm the delusions of schizophrenia patients, too?

( syntaxerror )
I agree that most (if not all) surgeons in western societies, particularly America and the UK are being forced into this way of practicing medicine on threat of losing their livelihood they spent a decade to work towards and that they’re being told the science is “settled” on the affirmation model, despite what they’re witnessing. We should absolutely be more understanding to the average doctor. I think their hands are tied in a lot of cases, and the ones that do bravely speak out are being silenced and getting serious consequences.

That being said, the surgeons who agree to operate on healthy minors deserve to lose their license at a minimum. No one’s forcing them to do that. And honestly, even surgeons who operate on adults (who often have several mental illnesses) need to be heavily scrutinized as well.



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