ShySaxon #sexist

[Blackpill] Brutal Stone Age Pill

“I want a man who’s kind, caring and gentle teehee!”

Modern, well dressed, good mannered, clean shaven, kind, caring, empathetic, gentle Incel who will give the world to his partner if he was just given the chance approaches...
“You’re not my type”

Paleolithic era, Flintstones looking, long haired, dirty bearded, rock smashing, 60IQ, illiterate, rough, dominating, foot wrap wearing, square jawed, hunter eyed Chad who lives in a cave, paints in blood and wants to beat the shit out of his tribes rival hunter and physically dominate and ravage his wife before feasting on her corpse approaches...
”OMG you’re so cute and handsome! I bet you’re really kind and caring, let’s go smash rocks together! That sounds like a great first date teehee!”

It doesn’t matter which era Chad belongs to; the modern era or the Stone Age. Reminder that women’s minds are stuck in a completely different time to ours and unless you have the desirable ancient genetic traits such as a strong jaw or hunter eyes, you don’t stand a chance EVEN if you 100% fit the bill as a potential partner for that girl. You can have those personality traits that she’s looking for. You can be a loving man all you want. You can be kind. You can be gentle. But remember: she’ll never love you like she loves Chad. Because Chad looks good, and to her, you don’t. Chad is desirable.

Even if he’s a Neanderthal.



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