Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut

(Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene)
An 18 year old was executed in cold blood by a Democrat political terrorist because of rhetoric like this.

Democrats want Republicans dead, and they’ve already started the killings.

The Democrat political war against patriotic Americans must end!

@repmtg Democrats are antiwhites, and they want WHITE PEOPLE DEAD.

@14W @repmtg only those who ask questions and demand answers and accountability.

@Olddame11 @repmtg No, they want all whites dead at the end of the day. Erased from this world.

@repmtg Sounds like inciting an insurrection to me. Why isn't anyone crying for impeachment now? They falsely accused Trump for Jan 6 and filed sham articles of impeachment. Not only is this impeachable its treason. I hope this dirt bag pays dearly one day.

@repmtg If Alex Jones can be sued for making statements about the Sandy Hook shootings, shouldn't Joe Biden and Dems be liable for making inflammatory statements such as these?


@repmtg Killing kids is what democrats do.

@repmtg the only way this is ends is if we fight fire with fire. We need to organize a march for violence against trump supporters and conservatives. People have died. Lee keltner. Seth rich. Cayler. Ashli Babbitt. And many others.



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