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( @AshaLogos )
Those that cite the quote ‘the victors write the history books’ one moment, and then proceed claim those in ultimate power are ‘Nazis’ in the next, embarrass themselves.

You’re not grasping the ramifications of the former if you mindlessly regurgitate the latter.

The Germans lost the war.
The forces who defeated them, now run the world - and they do so effectively enough that you’ve been conditioned to look right past them.

( @WriteWinger )
“Hey now, snowflake, let’s get one thing straight... satanic antichrist adrenochrome drinking pedophiles run our country and the world through central banking, media, and Hollywood, and my favorite movies are Saving Private Ryan and Schindlers List!”


( @JaidenYuki )
@AshaLogos This is one of the things I don't understand about the whole thing. Both sides are calling each other Nazis and no one ever seems to call the current regime for what it is, a Communist Government made by all the democrats and rinos of the world. And you don't need to look very far to realize that all the communists big heads themselves were all jewish and that communism is a jewish invention but people are still pointing the blame at the wrong people.

( @Theharrowingfthenorth )
@AshaLogos The forces that defeated the Nazis,took the Nazis in.
America especially,which is why we are where we are today.

( @Aloha_Patriot )
@Theharrowingfthenorth @AshaLogos America is like it is, and the world also, because USA, England, France and MODERN Germany are all ruled by Jews/subservient to Jews.

If the Nazis had won we'd be living somewhat differently... we'd still have our nations for one, instead of having them handed over to foreigners.

( @Khechari )
@Theharrowingfthenorth @AshaLogos
So, you're saying that the government is loaded with dual-Israeli citizens and Zionist loyalists, and operates under Jewish banking, and propagandizes through the Jewish ADL propaganda center..

..because Nazis?



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