brucebohn #racist

I think folks simply do not understand the lightning speed and dramatic transformation of events and the overall culture shock, from ousting the Jew, that the German folk experienced, any the many, many fronts that Hitler himself was fighting from. The Jews knew that Hitler was a major stumbling block for the new Jewish world order and the full implementation of the Protocols and the Babylonian debt usery system which would insure their Demonic control, and NS had to be silenced, through totaldestruction and never be allowed to flourish.

Cleansing the entire political apparatus of Jewish influence, especially given the fact that the German folk had to be inspired to awaken to the Racial issue, much of it through education. They did not understand the 1% rule, hell, most in contemporary CI circles do not get the 1% rule. Were there German Tares not identified and physically indistinguishable working for the Jew to undermine NS and Hitler? I think so. Yes, Hitler was very intelligent, and pragmatic, he was a visionary who felt the need to micro manage for there were few who had his capabilities. However, in a number of areas, it would have been better if he had spent time with his passion of Architecture.

I am sure there came a point in time when he realized that his message was not getting through to the common folk of the West due to Jewish Media control that he vastly underestimated, and he saw the Juggernaut being assembled against him by the Bolshevik Jew in the East an d Capitalist Jew of the West.... Two Heads of the Same Snake ! I am sure this troubled him greatly and forced him to rethink making allies with Beast's and Beast Nations. The NS referred to the Japanese as the yellow horde, until it became politically expedient to form a security pact with them... It was DO or DIE for Germany and Hitler needed all the allies possible. Simply was not enough time to completely sanitize Germany of all Jew blood, power, and influence........



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