Bennett Lee Ross #conspiracy

During World War 1
There was supposed to be a big German bombing campaign with Zeppelins
Making repeated attacks on London

Zeppelins or blimps were a big part of the former culture
They were extravagant modes of transportation

Like the railcars of the previous time period
They exuded opulence

The emphasis was not on speed but on luxury and enjoyment
There was no need to hurry

Zeppelins docked to tall buildings
Such as the Empire State building
To unload and load passengers

Germany was the hub of Zeppelin manufacturing
These aircraft were slow moving
And can easily be brought down by small arms fire
The idea of Zeppelin attacks is ridiculous

There is one story in 1916 about a German Zeppelin
That was supposed to have been shot down

After the crash the German captain Alois Bocker decided to set it on fire
And set out to warn the area residents beforehand

But the people were terrified when they heard German voices
So Bocker and his crew headed up the road
But were arrested by a policeman when they asked for directions

People actually bought this absurd story and still do

Nobody ever saw the attacking Zeppelins
And no one ever saw bombs being dropped

The English army just shot up in the air whenever they were told
And people were injured when the canister shells fell back down

The fires and explosions around London were pre set
And police were always tipped off before they happened

It is reminiscent of the pre planned explosions
That were made to make the Irish IRA look like a terrorist group

Now we have Hamas flying into Jerusalem on motorized kites

The gentiles will believe anything
If the story was that Hamas came in on tricycles
They would believe that too

How many unbelievable stories
Staged settings with crisis actors
And photoshopped pictures do you have to see
Until you can conclude that it is all fake

Ukraine is the same way
The same crisis actors are used over and over

The agenda is to maintain an ongoing state of panic and hysteria
Have each side accuse each other of atrocities to flame the fire
So that people can be easily manipulated

The next stage of the show
Will be on the screen of the sky
And people will fall for that one also!



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