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[Blackpill] Your entire worth is based on a female’s appraisal of your DNA.

As a man, you a limited to one of two groups of men: those worthy of breeding, and those not worthy of breeding. I can’t think of a harsher critique of your overall person than that of being labeled “unbreedable”. You’re are basically dismissed as subhuman unworthy of propagating your own dna. You are essentially denied immortality; your genes should die with you and not continue to cicrculate through the population. Those who are selected, are immortal being of basically god-like status their existence is seen as important and desirable amongst females. Essentially, females decide who is God and immortal and who is a genetic dead end and a mortal. This is why I will never, ever befriend or speak to a foid unless it’s transactional and or necessary for my survival. It is CUCKED to talk, help, or interact with a foid in anyway that leaves you at the losing end of the exchange.



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