Miles Mathis #conspiracy

Infowars tops its page with a big fake picture of a nuclear explosion, and the story that Putin has now officially threatened to nuke Western cities, including US cities, if NATO continues to support Ukraine. Fake. US bankers created post-Revolution Russia*, and we have owned them ever since. They were our allies up to 1946 and still are, the whole Cold War thing being staged from the get-go. Putin is just another one of our actors, pulled out of some international actors equity composed of worldwide peers. Same goes for Zelensky, one of the worst actors ever. Orwell told us exactly how it would be in 1984, and everyone claims to have read it, so where is the mystery here? The entire conflict is staged to create fear and destabilization, and to get eyes off the vaccine crime against humanity. So how does Alex Jones, who sells himself as revolutionary #1, not know this? He hasn't read 1984?

Same thing with the lead story on Russia hitting a tank depot in Kiev with cruise missiles. As proof of that we get a picture of some smoke from a great distance.

Speaking of Zelensky and Putin, am I the only one who has noticed that everyone hired by Jones seems to be Jewish? Tax expert Tyler Bennett was on today, not only looking and sounding very Jewish, but with the name Bennett as a huge clue as well. The Bennetts are closely related to the Queen and we have seen them in hundreds of top events over the centuries. Same for agent Kaitlyn Bennett, married to admitted Jew Justin Moldow. How can people not see through these people, just from their names and faces? Owen Shroyer is obviously Jewish, again just from his name and face. I don't have to dig any deeper than that.



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