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Survey of 34,000 health care professionals indicates higher bias against transgender people

( BlackCirce )
I’m shocked that women who know what sex is are implicitly biased against people who can get them fired for acknowledging sex

( TheKnitta )
That’s not ‘bias’, that’s simple scientific knowledge. You can’t change sex, and the majority of transgender people have a mental illness (if not all).

They’re so desperately trying to make it the same as being homosexual, aren’t they?

( Spencer_Shayy )
Let me guess, the "bias" is they won't validate their fetishes or made up "genders"? There is literally no group on earth more privileged than "trans" people. Well, except men.

( crodish )
Yeah it's "biased" in the same way most people are "biased" to "believe" that the world is round. Feelings aren't facts, the world will remain round even if everyone became a flat earther, and humans can't change sex, and gender is bullshit.

( Understanderson )
I thought this was going to be about how healthcare professionals expect trans patients to be mentally ill and high maintenance, which is frequently true.

( woman_be_free )
I was 100% thinking the same thing. ‘Healthcare professionals are more biased against trans ppl than the higher population and nurses are the highest of healthcare prof’.

And I wonder why that is .

Nurses who along with care assistants have the most patient time and so are exposed most to TIPs and everything they… err… ‘bring’ with them to the table. Seriously, I would love to know what is said privately in some healthcare professionals conversations. I reckon a good amount of them are GC based on their interactions with TIPs



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