Anonymous #sexist

Fuck the lesbians, they ain't shit. I fucking hate them. They're fucking faggots. Since I was teen, I fell in love with Rainbow Dash, I loved her, she was beautiful and sexy, she was my true love. But now fuck her. I hate her now, she's a cunt. I hope she dies and other dykes too. And fuck Applejack, the dumb orange redneck bitch. Rainbow Dash should go with me, not these bitches. I deserve her. I don't need her. I going to kill all the lesbians. One day I'm going to have revenge and kill all the lesbians and torture them brutally. Fuck women, they don't love men. All females are bitches. They think they're superior but they're not. And FUCK FEMINISM, I'm going my own way. Fuck my life. And I hate my mom she is a abusive bitch.



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