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Churches That Bless Gay Marriage Victimize Children
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Christians must resist the “fine sounding arguments” (Colossians 2:4) urging the church to “become relevant to their communities” via reinterpreting long-settled doctrine on sex and marriage. When in doubt, here’s a cheat sheet for God’s people; in God’s economy, the weak never sacrifice for the strong. Not once, ever. Rather, it is the strong who must sacrifice on behalf of the weak and needy.

You might recall one such costly sacrifice made for you by a man named Jesus. Out of love, He used his strength to endure unimaginable suffering and make the ultimate sacrifice for you and us because we are weak, and we needed it. Then He told us to do likewise.

Progressive churches and denominations who compromise on God’s marriage laws and sexuality either don’t care, or have forgotten how costly scriptural commands are, whether it’s giving to God’s people who are in need, blessing those who curse us, or caring for orphans and widows in distress. Yet when God commands us to do or not do something, it’s often an affront to our immediate comfort and human desires. We naturally balk at the high price of spirit-led living, but in the long run God’s directives always result in relational, physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness, especially for the most vulnerable.

Nowhere is this high short-term price, long-term gain truer than living under God’s design for sex only within marriage. Mastering sexual desire is costly and challenging. But when our sexual urges become god, we force children to sacrifice on our behalf.

Abstaining from premarital sex is difficult, but too often it results in children born to unmarried parents and therefore unstable households. Married couples find they must either work through difficulties such as communication impasses, financial stressors, and unrealistic expectations of the marital relationship, or subject their children to split-homes expectations, split-home instability, and split-home lives.



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