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Churches That Bless Gay Marriage Victimize Children
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Children are the ultimate victims of the theological battle the progressive church is waging against itself. A church that pretends same-sex unions are equal to biblical marriage condemns children to a motherless or fatherless existence. These Christian leaders are trading the rights, longings, needs, and well-being of children for self-aggrandizement. In doing so, they do great harm to “the least of these.”

The following is a scenario some rainbow-flag-flying pastors will undoubtedly face in the coming years. What would Pastor Inclusive say to this 15-year old boy if he were a member of their church: “I have two lesbian parents…I like my grandparents, there (sic) more like my parents to me but it’s not the same as everyone else. I’m so jealous of my friends… I just wish I could know my dad and make the depression I have every day go away.”

Biblically, this boy is commanded to honor his mother and father, except, Pastor Inclusive chose to officiate the wedding of his two moms, making it impossible for him to obey God’s command. Pastor Inclusive interprets scripture in a way that dismisses this father-hungry teen’s deepest longings and fundamental right to be known and loved by his father.

What say you, Pastor Inclusive? Do you believe this boy is required to sacrifice his need for a father so you can validate the feelings of adults in your congregation?

If Pastor Inclusive were facing biblical and natural law reality, the painful father/mother hunger suffered by kids of same-sex parents would demolish his “inclusive and affirming” fantasies that gay marriage is equal to biblical marriage. Pastor Inclusive might have to finally admit that the opinions of his progressive friends matter more to him than God’s infallible word and the fundamental rights of this suffering boy.



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