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To Ziggy: Atheism is the thing you use, along with science, to fill the hole where belief is needed in the human psyche. Atheism is as much a religious belief as Catholicism and has it's own chants and ave's.

To Taake: I'm a Christian. I honestly am. One of the things I've learned is those who do not want to face their inner need for faith in something choose atheism or science as their professed viewpoint. That they chant their 'proof' mantras or bite at the concept of God or godhood is normal. You do not get angry at them for that anymore than you get angry about a child kicking a toy. They're rejecting something and it's often difficult and anger provoking to reject something you need.

Mr. Nye's viewpoint or statements about atheism are no more abnormal than anyone's questioning the need for faith. A better path, I feel, is to accept what he says and live a Christian (or whichever religious) life and still accept all that science shows. The same people who hear why science 'proves' there is no god, will wonder why you can keep two such seemingly 'mutually exclusive' things in your heart. The better of them, like all good scientists, will ask. At that point you must be prepared to answer. Attacking Mr. Nye for how he goes about his life is not the answer.



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