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[Blackpill] Another effect of feminism in society I just thought about

Feminism is all about equality (in reality, we know that what feminism does is buffing women in the areas where they are perceived as being worse off than men, but doing nothing about the areas where the situation is the opposite, so the end result is actually women becoming above men on average).

Feminism says men and women gotta be "equal". Feminism says no to gender roles, no to male authority, no to age gaps. They want to make sure men and women are as "equal" as possible in a relationship (but only when them not being equal would put men in the perceived benefitial position - an ugly woman dating a Chad, or a poor woman dating a billionaire, does not apply - this inequality is acceptable).

In reality, people are actually turned on by the so called "power imbalances". Men on average want a feminine, younger, frailer, more petite girl, just as women on average want a masculine, tougher, older, bigger man. Most men have dominant kinks, most women have submissive ones.

Feminism makes both sexes less attractive to each other on average. But since, like aforementioned, the "power imbalance" situations are not persecuted when they are perceived as benefitial to women women, Chads and rich men (the elites) are the ones profiting from the current paradigm.



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