Steve Null and Carol Epstein #wingnut #conspiracy

(Steve null)
Ad Hominem attack.   This is the way of the left and Democrats.
Devalue and defame the individual, rather than provide facts.  When they have none they can provide, they attack the person.   We see it down the list.
The article provider is just as bad as MSNBC, CNN, NYT, and Wa Post...   just attack arms for the oppressive DNC.
Try looking at reality and the actions of the Democrats.   I know people think that an authoritarian regime ruled by the DNC is better than a Constitutional Republic with a free market society.
(Carol Epstein)
and then reality hits the left. 200 thousand people from blue states up north have moved down here this year alone. I've been a woman for 60 years and I will be voting for him as well as all my female friends. Time to woke up to the lies.



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