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[Blackpill] Western civilization is becoming asexual (spoiler: they're murdering Freud)

For the last 70 years feminist cultural theorists firmly espoused that we lived in a phallocentric world and that, with the right critical googles on, one could see cock-shaped symbols -- from stripper poles to modernist skyscrapers -- marking masculine power and supremacy everywhere. This was because the core organizational principle of the western world was to cater to the male gaze. From antiquity to modern times cultural rendering of women was that of a passive erotic object meant to sexually gratify the male narcissist, the voyeur, the pervert.

When Derrida added that even privileging logos was a dick move in itself, everything could be interpreted as cock privilege -- and everything became subject to the male gaze. It became fashionable to play where is patriarchy's Waldo within visual arts, classical literature and pop music... Everything was presumed to be sexual and already sexualised by men and for men's pleasure, and exposing it for what it is was only the proper thing to do.

But a simple return to prudish modesty isn't an option, gaslighting is. Third wave feminists just went from interpreting everything as having a phallic or yonic shape to denying that the obvious huge cock stand-in could have anything to do with sex.


men sexualize pole dancing because they think everything is meant to please them



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